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Experienced technicians and specialists provide comprehensive service throughout the lifetime of wind power projects. We ensure that the complex technology works smoothly and that every wind farm generates optimal yields. Our wind farms are characterized by an average availability of over 98%.

Fault tracking equals fault prevention

A detailed log of all possible error messages forms the basis for the smooth operation of your project. We track every message back to its origination point and initiate measures to ensure that the same error never occurs again. This increases our knowledge of your plant and reveals optimization potential for your project.

Investments need care

With experienced partners we handle your project maintenance: We track down faults and correct them in the context of maintenance contracts. We also handle communication with the transmission service operator (TSO) and all of the key partners and keep infrastructure up-to-date. In performing all of these tasks, we have a single focus: minimal yield losses through perfect coordination.

Performance analysis

You want to know how much power your project or your individual turbines are generating. We record complete the time and energy data and compare power curves. Our performance analysis shows you whether your project is really performing as it should, regardless of whether you operate an entire farm or a single turbine.

Let’s talk numbers

Our commercial management has a single goal: the highest yields at an optimal cost structure. We handle revenue distribution and lease management; we provide liquidity planning and monitor payment traffic. We manage insurance policies and contracts, provide data-based forecasts and continuously review them.

Control is better

Qualified employees remotely monitor your plant and are always close at hand, if needed. Remote status checks, their evaluation, and plausibility assessments are all part of our daily work, as well as shutdowns and startups in close coordination with transmission service operators. We manage the system in accordance with DIN VDE 0105-100 and handle all of the obligations involved with a wind farm.


Expert technicians inspect your system every six months. In accordance with building and insurance regulations, we ensure timely hand-over by experts and, if necessary, organize necessary measures such as oil samples, rotor blade checks or endoscopic analyses.

Occupational health and safety

Our technical management is also available for your project when it comes to the various safety features and their inspection:

We cooperate closely with contact persons, professionally evaluate test reports, and assert your rights with turbine manufacturers in the event of any defects.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Of course, we document all work and inspections in a life-cycle record and recommend any measures required for continued operation. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports keep you up to date on your project.

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Professionalism & trust since 1993

Communication between owners and third parties can take a lot of time: there are insurance claims to be filed with claim documentation, communication with property owners, notification of defects, hardship accounts, the list goes on.

Trust our experience. We have the expertise to manage all of these situations effectively, and we handle them for you. In doing so, we can tap into our experience with some 450 megawatts of installed wind power in our projects.

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